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Gnome Finger Puppets

These little guys hiding in my marker container are actually gnome
finger puppets, not my studio assistants, as my boyfriend tries to
insinuate. Whenever I ask them to help out in the studio, they stare
at me in stoney silence. I think they're more interested in playing.
Dressed in a real acorn caps and orange-ish colored shirts. I'll pick
one for you, so you'll get a lovely surprise. Approx. 2 1/2" tall.

All materials used to make this puppet are rated AP nontoxic by the
manufacturer. Paperclay with hand dyed yarn for hair. Handsculpted over a wooden base and handpainted with gouache paint, then varnished.


Not for children under 5 years old. Never let a child put this puppet in their mouth. Small parts--choking hazard. Wooden stand not included.

Click here for information on finger puppets.

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